Food Distributors

Food Distributors

As a wholesale distributor for over 75 years, we understand the demands of running a broad line, specialty or bakery distribution business and the never-ending challenge of balancing your desire to provide a high order fill rate to your customers while coping with limited warehouse space, long vendor lead times, and high minimum order thresholds.  To overcome this challenge, hundreds of food distributors of all sizes and types rely on Lentz as a supplier to their business.

Given our purchasing power and our ability to receive inbound shipments of flour by rail, Lentz sells flour at competitive prices by the truckload or less-than-truck load quantities to distributors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to supplying flour, Lentz is a go-to source for other food ingredients and ready-to-use bakery products when distributors need fill-in purchases or purchase inventory in smaller quantities that they cannot source directly from the processor or manufacturer.

Rather than take up valuable inventory slots in their warehouses, freezers or coolers for slow-moving inventory, distributors turn to Lentz as a flexible and cost-effective redistribution solution for both planned and emergency needs:

  • Ability to order in pallet or less-than-pallet quantities (down to the single case)
  • Option for to have orders delivered to your distribution center by Lentz Logistics or picked up at our Reading distribution center by your private fleet
  • Short lead times—as short as same-day—for orders picked up at our Reading distribution center

Our SQF Level II certification and our high order fill rate and on-time delivery performance allows distributors to confidently source products through Lentz to quickly and reliably meet their customers’ needs.

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