Commercial & Wholesale Bakeries

Commercial & Wholesale Bakeries

We know that high-volume bakeries are just as quality-oriented as boutique retail bakeries. To thrive, a commercial bakery needs the finest grains, sugars, spices, and all the other ingredients that keep consumers satisfied. We understand that commercial and wholesale bakeries require a reliable distribution partner with a vast knowledge of grains and food ingredients as well as an ability to consistently deliver complete orders, within your required time window, as part of your just-in-time supply chain.   You also need a partner who can supply you with the product documentation you need in a timely and hassle-free manner to help your business comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

In addition to our strong commitment to food safety, commercial bakeries choose Lentz to save money and time by purchasing the ingredients they need to run their operations with a single purchase order and single delivery to their plants.  We offer thousands of SKUs across every category of ingredient used by a commercial bakery, and our sales and buying team will work with you to source hard-to-find ingredients from our broad supplier base to help you make differentiated products that stand out in the competitive bakery industry.

Whether you are a buyer or operations manager seeking a distributor to play a vital role in your supply chain, or a technician in a R&D department looking for ingredients to test in formulating new products or changing recipes, Lentz is ready to meet your needs.

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