Lentz Ranks as World-Class Company Based on Most Recent Customer-Satisfaction Survey

Every few years, we use AMG Research, a third-party market research firm, to survey our customers to gain feedback on their overall satisfaction with our products and services. In the most recent survey conducted in 2016, we scored a Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) of 51%, which classifies Lentz as a world-class company compared to other companies who conducted similar surveys. Based on AMG’s findings, over 90% of surveyed Lentz customers are “Extremely Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” (Promoters and Passives) and likely to recommend Lentz.

Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100% to 100% measuring customers’ willingness to recommend a company’s products and services to friends or colleagues. To arrive at a Net Promoter Score, the percentage of customers classified as “Detractors” is subtracted from the percentage of customers classified as “Promoters” based on their survey responses.

AMG Research has completed customer satisfaction studies for almost 200 other businesses that sell to other businesses (“B2B” companies). The graphic to the right presents Lentz’s Net Promoter Score in red along with blue bars for scores of the typical B2B business (with 14% average NPS) as well as large company brands with “world-class” Net Promoter Scores.

We are very pleased that our customers are strong advocates for our company. Our customers gave Lentz high scores on the attributes that support our mission statement:

  • High order fill rates
  • Ability to ship orders error-free and deliver them on time
  • Having a broad selection of products available for immediate delivery
  • Working with responsive and knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives
  • Third-party certification of food safety compliance

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